TOP 10 Trending Accessories


TOP 10 Trending Accessories

Grandpa Glasses

Whether they’re prescription or just fake opticals, shop for a vintage aviator silhouette that’s oversize and provides your outfit with retro, yet sophisticated “nerdy” vibes.


From Fendi’s Strap Your collection of add-ons to Rebecca Minkoff’s guitar straps, these interchangeable straps allow you to give your bag that much more personality.

Embellished Shoes

Sneakers, loafers, mules, and heels all get jazzed up with appliqués, metallic beads, pearls, and sequins. The trend isn’t seasonal — these details will be big year round.

Waist Bags

We won’t refer to them as fanny packs, because these leather pouches that sit at the hip are a bit more elevated. Shop for one in a classic color or monogram that goes with everything from sweats to a romantic chiffon maxi dress. The bonus is you can go hands free.

Personalized Baseball Caps

Instead of a monogrammed necklace or embroidered denim jacket, say it on your cap. Vestment’s line of sporty hats is popular with the fashion crowd, but there are so many options when it comes to personalized graphics.

Basket Bag

Whether made of bamboo, like Cult Gaia’s half-moon must have, or wicker, like Salvatore Ferragamo and Stella McCartney’s offerings, the idea of a “basket” as a bag is hitting home. There’s no temperature requirement here — wear them from Winter through Summer and pack your essentials in as if you were headed to a picnic.


It started off with a fishnets-under-jeans craze, but girls who weren’t on board with the trend can easily opt for fishnet ankle socks or thigh-highs. Any silhouette will help you achieve the ’80s-inspired look.


The statement earring is back and frankly bigger than ever before. From Rebecca de Ravenel’s Les Bonbons beads to large-and-in-charge hoops and even spindly, artful pieces you can wear in one ear, these styles ensure your jewelry’s the outfit focal point.

Bracelet Bag

Ah, the delicateness of a bracelet bag. While the Chloe Nile is definitely a cult favorite, plenty of brands are equipping their mini bucket bags and dainty purses with oversize hardware that might as well double as a bangle. No further accessorizing required.

Corset Belts

The new corset isn’t as restricting as it sounds. These belts cinch your waist over everything, but most simply a plain white tee, providing your look with dimension and a subtly sexy touch.

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