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Chakli  recipe

Diwali… .the "celebration of happiness and lights", is a standout amongst the most essential celebrations for Indians. It is praised in high spirits by lighting diyas (lights) , blasting saltines and imparting desserts and snacks to companions and relatives....
Salad Decorations and Fruit Carvings look fantastic as table centerpieces for parties. Edible flowers give a unique charm to the table and fruit animals add the fun element to the party. The guests are bound to appreciate your creativity...

Easy Latee Art

All coffee lovers know the delight of being served cup of coffee that has unfathomable art design, particularly toward the beginning of the day. Latte is basically coffee blended with hot i.e. steamed drain that makes a touch of...
Kaju Katli (otherwise called Kaju Barfee or Cashew Burfee) is a to a great degree well known North Indian sweet, often made during Diwali and special festive occasions.This lip-smacking sweet formula is stacked with the decency of cashews and...
One thing that goes to our psyches when we consider Diwali sustenance is desserts; a great deal of it. All these heavenly bites add hues and flavor to the soul of the celebration. From the tempting gooey barfis to...

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