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“TLB-Home Design” has been offering clients timeless design solutions for more than 00 years. We strive to provide our clients with the latest in furnishings for the home or office, including innovative custom furnishings, window treatments, lighting, accessories and unique artwork by local artists.
If you love the outrageous, the provocation or the novel, our furniture designers will always create new styles that are fabulous and imaginative for every room in your house. The simple statement of a contemporary sofa, the soothing simplicity of a contemporary bedroom

Diwali is only seven days away now, and that implies you don't have much time to finish your loft and make it all the rage. To enable you to include rich Diwali party designs, we have enrolled a couple of...
Flowers are not just truly, festive and fragrant, they are additionally viewed as favorable, and you can't praise an Indian celebration without them. Diwali Decoration Ideas With Flowers: Flowers are an unquestionable requirement in our celebrations and we've grown up embellishing...
Diwali is around the bend and we are for the most part spring-cleaning our homes, considering endowments and garments. what's more, some new Diwali design thoughts for our homes. Here are some ideas I found inspiring and would love to try...
As the festivities are near and we are for the most part anticipating improve our homes look, we have a tendency to understand that embellishment thought can never be missed. This then again expresses that regardless of whether go...

Floral Rangoli

Rangoli is a fine art from India in which designs are made on the floor in family rooms or patios utilizing materials, for example, shaded rice, dry flour, hued sand or blossom petals. It is usually made during  Deepawali, ...

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