How To Make Cucumber Garnish


Salad Decorations and Fruit Carvings look fantastic as table centerpieces for parties. Edible flowers give a unique charm to the table and fruit animals add the fun element to the party. The guests are bound to appreciate your creativity and effort. Kids just love to be photographed with fruit animals like angry birds or owls. Chances are that they remember your decorations more than the food in the main course. Creative food presentation can also enhance the appetite of the guests. There are very simple tricks to make these eye-pleasing decorations but you require a lot of time and patience. The immense satisfaction one gets through this activity is the reward for all the patients.

Cucumber Salad Roses

Step 1: Cut Slices

You’ll additionally require an extensive Onion (Red ones works similarly also, so utilize whatever you favor!)

Utilize a blade and slicing board to cut your vegetable into thin cuts. The cuts ought to be around 1/16-2/sixteenth inches thick (1-3mm). Keep the thickness as steady as could reasonably be expected, for a prettier outcome.

It takes around 15-20 cuts for each rose.

While you’re grinding away, additionally cut your onion down the middle, peel it, and after that cut a thick cut only a, however, greater than 1/3 inch (or just underneath 1cm). You can likewise cut it more slender, however, then it may not be solid enough to hold the rose later. Fly out the peripheral rings. Their size will decide the external outline of your roses.

Step 2: Assemble Your Rose

Now comes the transformation from slices to a rose.

  1. Take one slice, and curl it into a tube, slightly conical. Hold this between your fingers as shown. This will be the center leaf of your rose.
  2. Take another slice, and fold it around the center, so that it covers the seam.
  3. Add another slice/leaf to the rose so that each it covers as much gap between the previous leaf tips as possible.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you are satisfied with the looks.Try to add each subsequent leaf the opposite side of the leaf you just added.

If you are anything like me this will be difficult the first time, and the result will look sad. Have patience, with a little bit of practice you will quickly get the hang of it. (Everything shown in the pictures is literally my second attempt ever at this method. If this here gorilla can do it, you can too!)

Step 3: Put a Ring on It!

When the rose it sufficiently enormous, slide an onion ring onto it – And you’re finished!

Do last touch-ups if:

Rose is anything but a tight fit in the onion ring, take a stab at sliding a couple of additional cuts in the middle of the rose and onion.

Rose looks exhausting, hold it by the onion to spread the leaves outwards a bit

Onion slides off the rose, hold it set up by cutting a fold of at least one of the external cuts beneath the onion, going about as a point, keeping the onion from sliding.


It is so charming and simple to make Christmas embellish! Christmas tree from cucumber or pickle trims we can use for starters, embellish drinks, as expansion to sandwiches or each dish where cucumber makes an incredible expansion. I demonstrate only a couple of thoughts on the photographs, our imagination is interminable.

Cucumber tree with a star from carrot and attached To the glass with an olive.

Christmas tree from pickle with a star from cheddar cheese

Step 1

Make a very thin slice from cucumber (pickle) with a vegetable peeler.

Step 2

When you creating the tree, keep at the end of the toothpick. This way you easy can see the size of the loops.

Step 3

Spread our tree branches, attach the star and our tree is ready!