Pankaj Advani: The Asian Snooker Tour tournament champion


With the World Snooker Championships and IBSF World Billiards, is less than a two weeks away and the Indian star cueist Pankaj Advani, will be the defending champion in both the events, is already making the right noises in the tournament by proving to his rival he won’t be easily giving away his earned trophy to anyone . Advani put in a splendid performance in the final by defeating Ju Reti 6-1 of the Asian Snooker Tour tournament.

Advani show was one-way downpour to the other finalist as he lost just a single frame on the day and ended the earning match with a scoreline of 6-1. After finishing the first two frames quickly, Advani lost the third to Reti. But after that frame, Advani did not let his guard down and won all the remaining three frames with some scintillating shots that saw him winning the final frame with a flawless 94-0.

Advani will now move to Myanmar which is hosts for the prestigious Billiards Championship from November 12th to 27th.

Final score line for the game: Pankaj Advani (India) defeated Ju Reti (China) 6-1. 48-35, 67(40)-23, 24-69(60), 63-33, 100(49,51)-0, 47-19, 94(94)-0