Masquerade Party Idea”Get Anonymous”


“Masquerade” comes from the French word “masque” which translates into “mask.” European aristocrats were known to host masquerade balls for their guests.
Masquerade parties are generally elaborate dance parties. In the beginning such parties were held for members of the upper class, including Royal families. It is believed that the origin of these ‘mask parties’ was France.

Now a days this party theme is best for get-together, college annual function, reunion or any rocking party. A masquerade party is a special event in itself with elaborate dresses, rich food, piano music, and mysterious masks!

1. Decoration for a masquerade party:

Decorate your Party venue for a masquerade party with masquerade masks. Hang them on walls and place them on tables as centerpieces.
Use velvet ribbons in purple, blue, green and golden colors to cover the entrance, pillars, staircase, etc.
Avoid harsh lighting, use dimmers wherever possible. Hanging lanterns is also a good idea. Accentuate with candles placed safely. Try creating a focus on the dance floor.
Using fresh cut flowers is the easiest way to decorate a space. If your budget allows it, work with a florist to create custom arrangements to fit your theme. Go for elegant flowers in rich hues and simple compositions.

2. Plan Food Menu

Appetizer Ideas – cheese with crackers, avocado, spiced almonds, cashewnuts and walnuts, seafood options. Appetizers featuring salmon and cream cheese too are very elegant, as is caviar.
Vegetable salads with mozzarella are just right for an Italian feel.
Champagne can be served with strawberries, wine with cheese and olives.
Chocolate mousse or a chocolate fountain should be good.
Go for quality over quantity, and select 3-4 savory options and 2-3 sweet options. Ensure that the food fits your theme.
Always ensure that you have at least one vegan/vegetarian option and one item that is gluten-free.

3. Music for the party

As there’s ball dance, plan to play good piano music, and jazz numbers. Other mystery, suspense kind of songs can also be played.
Apart from that mashup songs, Old remix song and punjabi beats will definatly make the mood.
Some romantic and silent love making song is best for the couple dance and paper dance.

4. Plan some theme related activities.

Best female costume and best male costume
Best dressed couple
Best dancing couple
paper Dance
changing dance partners as the music changes,

5. Dress up for a masquerade party

Men are supposed to wear formal suits
Ladies need long dresses for the party, preferably, gowns.
Here are some ideas for elegant themes:

A color theme. This is great because all of the dresses will create a huge visual impact and while people are restricted in what colors they can wear, they can have total freedom with their masks. A few ideas:

Black and White

All white or all black

jewels: (sapphires (blue), rubies (red), emeralds (green)

Old Hollywood & Bollywood Glamour. The ladies will love you for it— who doesn’t love slim-cut dresses, drop-waist skirts, and beautiful hair? And the gentlemen will get the opportunity to look very dapper.

6. Choose a Venue:

its depend upon Weather and Budget.
Things to look for in a space:

– the capacity to hold the number of people you expect to come
– high ceilings
– a staircase (if possible) great for dramatic effect and for people walking into the venue
– both an indoor and outdoor area –if the weather is good
– easy access from where your guests are arriving
– good valet and taxi service—you don’t want people queuing for hours

7. Invitation Ideas

Order a ready-made party invitation for a masquerade party from an online party store or design one yourself.
Invitations can be cut in the shape of an eye mask and decorated with sequence, glitters, feathers, etc.
Make or order some interesting masks to paste on the front page of the Invitation Card.

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